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Champion Clock Company is the Leading Clock manufacturer and Supplier in Pakistan since 1954. During this long effort we are being honored multiple times with Government recognition, awards and export trophies. Our factory is equipped with most modern automatic injection molding machines, vacuum metalizing plants, hot stamping and assembly lines. Our R & D team is always engaged to evolve new designs and concepts. We have developed and produced over 300 different designs of high tec quartz clocks. 

Get Your Business

Appeal Business Executivesappealbusinessexecutives

The attractive range of Promotional clocks from Champion Clock have been designed to appeal  business executives who appreciate stylish design. If you require a particular promotional clock or wanted to discuss engraving options, contact our team for full details on what's possible in terms of branding your promotional gift for your customers.

Promotional clocks offer marketing success time after time


Promote your Brand

In today’s competitive business society it is imperative that any marketing campaign incorporates initiatives that arebusinessexecutive cost  effective, have the benefit of longevity and the ability to reach the masses.

Using marketing and advertising tools such as promotional clocks is one way to promote a brand on a budget, and it can be far more effective than other options such as media advertising campaigns.



Design/Style Considerations

When selecting suitable clock design for your customer,there are many things to take into consideration, such as matching it designconsiderto the recipient and how useful it will be in the day to day life of the receiver. The more useful the item, the more likely it will be used regularly and thus the more often your brand will be advertised. One sales tool that is particularly useful is a clock.



 Make Most of Every Opportunity

Clocks are used every day, several times a day, in all situations. Whether at work, at leisure, at home. everyone needs to makemostknow the time!
One of the things that make clocks such an effective marketing gift is the fact that they have a large printable area. When giving away items to launch or promote a brand, you will want to make the most of every opportunity to get your company image and sales message across. Choosing items with a large area that can be personalized is key to capitalizing on the campaign.


Get your Message Accoress

Being large and clear, a clock face offers the ideal area to promote a brand. And because everyone glances appealbusinessclockat a clock several times in any one day, any clock face bearing your logo, website address or slogan will act as an exceedingly effective advertising tool, allowing your message to filter into peoples’ minds over the course of days and months.It doesn’t matter who your customer is, whether they are young or old, male or female; there will always be a clock just perfect to get your message across to your specific target audience.We can make any kind of design you need.

 Great Business Gifts

 Clocks make great business gifts and the more interesting and attractive they are the better! Send a brightly colored or businessgiftnovelty clock to your customer with their latest order and they won’t hesitate to replace their boring, standard office wall clock straight away, immediately advertising your company to everyone who passes by their desk.

It’s time to start promoting your business! Use personalized clocks as give away to get your brand noticed, time after time!

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